Visit Harderwijk

A visit to the Hansa city of Harderwijk

Harderwijk is an attractive city. More than 2.5 million visitors and tourists visit it every year. Having the Veluwe as its backyard and the Wolderwijd next to the city, Harderwijk has a lot to offer. An attractive city center with plazas, town squares, outdoor cafés and gourmet restaurants.


When you walk through the city, with or without a guide, you can taste its rich history. The city walls, the town houses and buildings of the former university and monastery are characteristic of a long history.  The old buildings now house shops, restaurants, galleries and cultural organizations. The fishing boats in the old marina remind you of the Zuiderzee fishing industry of the past. Harderwijk is originally a trading city (Hansa city) and is now affiliated with the international Hanseatic League.


Off the coast of Harderwijk is a beach island with a lively boulevard. The beach island is a unique place, right next to the old city center, offering much entertainment. The Wolderwijd and Veluwemeer have a lot of yacht marinas and there are many water sport facilities for you to enjoy.

Forests and streams

On the other side of the city is the Veluwe. This is a unique natural area rich in forests, streams, heaths and drifting sands. The Harderwijker Bos and the Beekhuizerzand, the Hierdense Beek and rural Hierden form a beautiful setting for a walk or a bike ride.


Every year there are many events such as Hanzemarkten in July, Aaltjesdagen in June and the cultural festival Lalaland in May. Harderwijk also hosts all kinds of activities in the Saint Nicholas season leading up to the national celebration of his birthday on 5 December.  At the Dolfinarium the sea mammals welcome you with their splashing shows. The Zwaluwhoeve is one of the most popular wellness centers in the Netherlands. The Vischmarkt with its many top restaurants is a great place to have a wonderful meal.  Why not spend a few days or more in this welcoming city with its enterprising, open and relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings!

Heerlijk Harderwijk

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Heerlijk Harderwijk